Frequently Asked Questions

Why am i not receiving emails from BuView?

There could be multiple reasons. First try to login to your account and be sure that your desired email account is correct. If that is correct, then be sure that you you have checked your spam folder in your email account and have BuView whitelisted.

How do I edit my account settings?

Login and under the "Dashboard" section, go to "Profile > Edit Profile"

How do I delete my account?

Login > Go to “Profile” in the menu > Edit Profile > Edit Account > Click “Delete my account” Button at the bottom.

Contact our support team to delete account. 

How do I create an account?

Go HERE to create an account:

Where will the reviews be on display?

While the reviews will be available privately on, with the vendor’s request and BuViewers acceptance, select reviews can be posted on social networks, blogs, unique websites and optionally linked publicly on

How does Non Disclosure work?

Some vendors may require that the selected BuViewer sign a nondisclosure agreement prior to beginning the review. BuView does not get involved with such agreements or disputes when a vendor requests such. BuView and its employees are released from any liability due to a BuViewer not abiding by the terms of a nondisclosure agreement, and neither the vendor nor BuViewer can hold BuView liable nor bring civil litigation against BuView and its employees.

Are there age restrictions on BuViewers?

Yes. BuView strictly complies with COPLA, and minimum age to become a BuViewer is 18.

How will BuView verify the BuViewer?

If you would like to become a verified BuViewer, you will need to supply to BuView LLC, a digital copy of your valid I.D. (work, school, military), voter registration, or passport. This is to verify legal age and accuracy of address as well as race, gender and other measurements of identity to help better categorize demographics. Demographics are private and available only to BuView agents.

To be a BuViewer, you do not need to verify yourself if you don’t desire to do so. However, Non-Verified users earn only $10 per project and are limited on the projects they receive access to.

If you do not have a copy of your I.D. on your computer, you can also take a photo of your I.D. with your mobile device and upload. Our website works perfect on all mobile devices.

If you want to get verified now, Login to your account and CLICK HERE

Who chooses the demographics?

It is the vendor who selects their demographics. Demographics can be selected during signup and product evaluation. The Vendor’s and BuViewer’s personal identity remains private and only available to BuView’s agents.

Can I select the type of product I would like to BuView?

Yes. You have the option to accept of reject a product to BuView. However, once you accept to BuView a product, you are required to BuView that product or else your account may be terminated due to BuView and the Vendor having to shift their schedule, hire a new BuViewer and ship out a new product. BuView has a zero tolerance policy on incomplete task.

Why can’t I login to

You can reset your password, clear your cache, and make sure your cookies are turned on. If none of the above works, email us for help.

How should I write my BuView?

Each Vendor will provide a list of questions they desire to be BuViewed along with a section for your personal opinion. These questions are not simple yes, no, true, false, like or dislike. The BuViewer is to provide a written and detailed evaluation and examination, and is encouraged to freely provide their unedited opinion of the product or service.

What items cannot get BuViewed?

Please see our “Terms of Agreement” for a list of products that are unacceptable for BuViewing.

Does the BuViewer have to send the product back after completed review?

This depends on what the Vendor decides. If the product must be sent back, a pre-paid shipping label will be included within the original packaging.

Who is responsible for shipping?

The Vendor requesting the BuView (and providing the product) is responsible for shipping if needed.