About Us

About BuView

BuView began as a company aimed at providing honest reviews for book authors. As a self-published book author, I found myself seeking real reviews by real readers, but couldn't find any place on the Internet that would allow me to gain readers who would actually read and review my book. Because of this problem, I founded BuView.

As a business owner, I understand the problems and concerns with finding real people to review products and services. Not only that, social buzz and word of mouth are paramount to any businesses success, and having reviewers as well as bloggers who trigger that product conversation is key.

With the help of my friend, classmate, business partner, and marketing professional Darryl Manco, we have created BuView to be a perfect resource for companies who desire to know and participate directly with reviewers and bloggers of their choice based on demographic segmenting.

Because of our passion for helping businesses better market themselves, we provide BuView as a 100% free platform (no hidden cost). We know and believe that the best reviews are free reviews.

Our belief is that in order to generate honest feedback, nothing works better than a focus group. Within the BuView platform, each product has its own private discussion area where businesses can ask questions and selected reviewers directly answer them. This setup allows businesses to benefit from having a direct relationship with individuals that use their product or service.

Our hope is that with your help we can create BuView to be the first location on the Internet to provide businesses with honest reviews and quality feedback.

Thank you for choosing BuView, and we hope that you will use this free service often. One last thing, please do tell everyone that you know about us.


Elijah Clark
CEO & Co-Founder