Frequently Asked Questions

How will BuView verify the BuViewer?

If you would like to become a verified BuViewer, you will need to supply to BuView LLC, a digital copy of your valid I.D. (work, school, military), voter registration, or passport. This is to verify legal age and accuracy of address as well as race, gender and other measurements of identity to help better categorize demographics. Demographics are private and available only to BuView agents.

To be a BuViewer, you do not need to verify yourself if you don’t desire to do so. However, Non-Verified users earn only $10 per project and are limited on the projects they receive access to.

If you do not have a copy of your I.D. on your computer, you can also take a photo of your I.D. with your mobile device and upload. Our website works perfect on all mobile devices.

If you want to get verified now, Login to your account and CLICK HERE